The Boyfriend Coat

The Boyfriend Coat

It’s that time of year again when I begin my search for the perfect boyfriend coat.  I spend hours searching online for the one, the one that’s oversized, the one that will look perfect with everything (or should I say sheer tights and black ankle boots – my daytime uniform), the one that will make my legs look skinnier than they already are, and the one that will keep me warm on those frosty winter mornings.

I found the one in Topshop. A beautiful camel mohair one for £89, that does all of the above. I wasn’t looking for a camel one, seeing as I had already purchased one last winter in Amsterdam. I’ve worn it to death though, so, I suppose it was about time I replaced it with something that actually has all of the buttons. Anyway, here he is, the one that will bring me months of coat wearing happiness:

I blame Stella McCartney for my love of dressing like a boy. Her clothes give women confidence, confidence to embrace their masculinity, confidence to just throw on a boyfriend coat and rule the world. When I need inspiration, I put on one of her catwalk shows and watch Natasha Poly in awe, as she struts down the catwalk in a power suit. Unfortunately, being a student and all, I can’t afford to buy a Stella McCartney coat, or anything for that matter. So, for the time being, I’ll happily wander around the high street for replicas and look forward to the day when I can wear the real thing.

Happy coat shopping.


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