Beauty Notes: Bobbi Brown Face Base

I remember the first time I purchased Face Base. It was a rainy July afternoon, I’d just finished the shift from hell and I needed something to cheer me up. In times of desperate need, I always head to the beauty hall in Selfridges. The smell of Chloe perfume, alongside an array of colourful pinks and reds, never fails to put a smile on my face. I’m a sales assistants dream – enthusiastic and easily influenced. My first make-up counter stop is always Bobbi Brown. I know what shades suit me, I trust the brand and have never purchased anything that I didn’t give 10/10. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, so, whilst browsing and testing products onto the back of my hand, I picked up a tub of Face Base and after smelling it, I was in love. Imagine a fresh grapefruit, mixed with geranium, those delightful uplifting scents tickling your nostrils. I scooped out the cream immediately and rubbed it onto the back of my hand. It was like smearing melted butter (the softest, saltiest, fattiest) onto my skin. It even left that same buttery gleam, but wasn’t greasy or sticky.

“I swear by that product.” The pretty sales assistant said, all smiles and pouty lips.

“How have I not purchased this before?” I replied, trying not to eat it.

Since that rainy afternoon, I swear by Face Base. Even though it’s ideal for daytime, preferably before you apply your make-up, I use it ALL of the time, even as a night cream because it makes my skin THAT soft.  It hydrates the skin because it contains shea butter, carrot extract, vitamins A, C and E. So, it’s loaded with great stuff that’ll protect your face and feed it with all the vital nutrients it needs! It retails at £36, but because it contains great ingredients, it’s understandable as to why it’s quite pricey. It does last quite a while though, so you do get your moneys worth. My last tub lasted around 3/4 months and that was with me wearing it pretty much every single day.

I have only have one application left. So, I know what the first thing I’ll be buying on pay day.


4 thoughts on “Beauty Notes: Bobbi Brown Face Base

  1. I have worked for Bobbi Brown in the past and this is one of the products I so wish I could use, I agree, It has the most heavenly smell! Unfortuately, its too active for my sensitive acne prone skin and breaks me out…Wish I could use it! x

    • I’d love to work for Bobbi Brown! I bet all of your wages went on the products though 😉

      Ponds cream is great for sensitive skin (it’s cheap too) A couple of years ago, I broke out really bad and used that over the summer and it calmed the redness. Also, green tea leaves are great to reduce the redness! This sounds silly, but after I drink a green tea in the bath, I open the tea bag, rub the leaves into my hands and then gently exfoliate my face with it. Then I leave it on for about 5 mins and wash it off. It brightens the skin too. Try it 🙂 Might do a blog about that, ha xx

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