The Little Blue Dress

A few weeks ago I had a wedding reception to attend. As I always do, I left shopping to the last minute, so the day before the wedding, I found myself rushing around  the city to find something to wear. I knew that I wanted something blue [preferably cobalt], so at least I had the colour in mind, but after three stressful hours of rummaging, I still couldn’t find anything. With my sugar levels dropping, along with my patience, I stumbled into Starbucks to grab a latte. I was doing my usual people watching out of the window, when mid-coffee sip, I spotted  a little blue dress hidden behind a rail of knitwear in French Connection’s window. As time was slipping away, I gulped the rest of my drink and rushed over the road to investigate the dress.

It was perfect.

I actually bought this dress in black from French Connection for a Christmas party last year [which I could have worn for the reception, but it’s always nice to wear something with a bit of a colour to a wedding]. It was £77 – which is pretty reasonable for a dress that can be worn to several events. I have a few photographs of me wearing the dress, but they’re on my netbook which has decided to die, after three years of working perfectly fine. Thankfully, the boy has let me use his laptop [I can’t eat or drink anything whilst on it]. Damn. Although the dress is a body-con, I felt so comfortable in it. The thick materiel hugs all the right curves, and although it’s long sleeved, the deep V neck adds just the right amount of sexiness to it. I cannot wait to wear this again to a few Christmas parties.


4 thoughts on “The Little Blue Dress

  1. What a lovely dress! I know that stressful feeling – it was me for New Year’s last year. The funny thing is that after being up and down Oxford street (we spent New Year’s in London), I finally found my dress at French Connection as well! My bank account wasn’t too happy either, but I love the dress. I’m hoping to wear it this year as well, but as we get closer to the date I want to buy a new dress more and more… Darned.

    • I know! I completely fell in love with it 🙂 You’ll always find something in French Connection. I’ll wear mine to a few Christmas parties, but knowing me I’ll end up buying something else too!

      What are us women like! x

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