Beauty Notes: Green Tea Leaves


I discovered green tea about 8 years ago, after my mum came home with a few boxes from Holland & Barrett. I remember my first cup – that bitter, weird tasting liquid that I immediately took a dislike to. I suppose after drinking black tea for the majority of my life, it was a normal reaction. Even though my first experience was a bad one, I never gave up. I’d make the odd cup, have a few sips and force myself to like it. Fast forward a few months and I loved it. It’s amazing how you can train yourself to enjoy something. Now, it’s refreshing and invigorating and I have around 5/6 cups a day.

I started using green tea in my beauty routine a couple of years ago. I’d ran out of exfoliator, so I use sugar and olive oil if that’s the case (but I didn’t have those either – students, eh?). I was rummaging around the bathroom, trying to find something, anything to wake up my dull skin. I had a cup of green tea in my hand at the time, sipping it, in-between throwing bottles and tubes back into baskets. And that is when I had one of those moments, those ‘oh my god, why didn’t I think about this before?’ moments – a green tea leaves face scrub/mask.

It’s simple. After drinking a green tea, take the tea bag out  and leave to cool for 5 minutes (if you have loose tea leaves, leave them in the cup to cool). Rip open the bag/scoop out the leaves and place onto your palm, rub together and tap the leaves onto your face, scrubbing gently (do this in the shower, or over a sink as it can be really MESSY) If you want, leave it on for 5/10 minutes and then wash away. I’m usually left with a refreshed face, with a slight glow.

Cheap, easy and full of antioxidants.


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