Clothes Show Live










My mum had a spare ticket to the Clothes Show Live, so I went along with her on Friday. I haven’t been before, so was unsure what to expect. Once inside, the place was packed full of girls, rummaging through rails of clothes, grabbing freebies at every opportunity and having their photographs taken with handsome male models from the Suzuki Fashion Show. It was a teenage girls dream [and a twenty-four year olds]. After we woke ourselves up with gingerbread lattes, we ventured into the main hall and joined the stampede of people, desperate to grab themselves a bargain. To be honest, apart from the vintage stalls, the clothes weren’t fantastic. I found a few fur coats, leather jackets and satchels, but apart from that, there wasn’t anything else worth spending my money on. Although, I did find a penguin jumper for the boyfriend [he’s obsessed], so couldn’t resist buying that for his birthday! After an hour of browsing, we made our way into the Suzuki fashion theatre to watch the show. We were quite far back, but it was fantastic. Henry Holland and Grace Woodward introduced the show, and Daisy Lowe made an appearance on the catwalk. That was all followed by music by X Factor contestants – Times Red [I cheekily got a photograph with the lead singer just as I was leaving], half naked male models and dance performances. I left the theatre on a high and wanted to go back in and watch it all over again.

Once back in the main hall, we grabbed another coffee and some lunch, before wandering through the beauty section. We got our first freebie, which was a bag full of magazines, a nail varnish, lipstick, a smoky eye-shadow set, dry shampoo, sweets, and perfume samples. I nearly bought a Fake Bake goody bag for a tenner, but I’m going for the pale look this winter, so resisted. We stumbled upon a beautiful bath ballistic display [see photographs], which made me want to jump into a fizzy, lavender scented bath and fall asleep. By this time, my feet were pretty tired from all of the walking around [I’m so glad I didn’t wear heels], so we made our way out of the hall, but just as we were walking out, the band Times Red were having a few photographs, so I managed to get one with the lead singer [who looks a lot like Richard Gere]. Overall, a fantastic day. I’d definitely go again next year, but I’d bring more money, charge my camera, and not wear as many layers. That place gets HOT!


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