Weekend Baking: The Two Ingredient Cookie.



Last weekend I was in a baking mood, but with supplies low, I couldn’t make the chocolate cake I was craving, or anything else for that matter. I stumbled upon a link on a friends tumblr blog, which gave a variety of things to bake using only two ingredients. That is when I found the two ingredient cookie over on The Burlap Bag blog.

Basically, all you need are oats and bananas and you’re done! You can add nuts or mixed fruit to suit your needs [I used raisins shown in the picture above], but I’ve tried them with just the bananas and oats and they taste great. They’re a tad chewy, but if you leave them in the fridge over night, they harden up and become more like an actual cookie. They’re great as a mid-morning snack, or something healthy to munch on after a workout. The thing I like best about these cookies are the fact that you can eat them all to yourself and not feel guilty.


Here’s the recipe:

Two large ripe bananas
100g oats
A handful of nuts or dried fruit

Pre-heat the oven – 350 degrees.
Grease a baking tray [to avoid them sticking!]

Mash the bananas until they go all gooey, add in the oats and then mix them all together. Add in a handful of any nuts or dried fruit of your choice [a pinch of cinnamon is great too]. Once they’re all mushed together, dollop about a tbsp of the mixture onto the greased baking tray [you’ll have enough for about 12-16]. Put them into the oven for about 25 minutes. The original recipe says 15, but I leave mine in longer for them to go crunchier. Once done, leave them to set for about 15 minutes and eat them all to yourself! 🙂


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