Beauty Notes: MAC – Face & Body Foundation


2012-07-24 16.00.25

Whenever I’m having a great skin day [which never usually happens in the winter], I wear MAC – Face & Body Foundation. I can’t even put into words just how much I adore this foundation. If I was stranded on a desert island and could only have one product, it would be this one – simply because it’s the best!! I remember the first time I bought it. I was 17 and had my make-up professionally done in London [followed by a cheesy photo shoot]. Once the make-up artist brushed this onto my skin, I couldn’t believe how sheer and natural the coverage was. As a teenager in the early 00’s, my make-up bag consisted of a few lipsticks and the odd blusher from Boots, so MAC was alien to me. She gave me a little sample to take home [a generous 30ml], and it lasted a few months. Once my sample was empty, I bought this foundation in shade C2, along with tons of other stuff. That is when I fell completely in love with MAC. Fast forward 7 years and I still have a [half used] bottle in my make-up bag. It’s perfect for the summer, when you want fresh and dewy skin. It’s also fantastic to use on the legs, as it makes them super smooth and airbrushed [use a darker shade though, to give you a slight tan].

This foundation is so sheer looking because it’s water based, which gives a more natural coverage. It also contains several emollients, which moisturises the skin and gives it that healthy glow. For £26.50, you get 120ml of product – which is fantastic if you only use it for your face, considering a normal bottle of foundation only contains 30ml. However, I usually buy a bottle for my face, and a darker shade for my body [which lasted over the summer]. My mum bought me a bottle last Christmas, and even though I’ve used it just on my face, I still have over half left. Why can’t all foundations be 120ml?? The bottle is quite squeezy, so whenever I pump out the product, I feel like I’m squeezing caramel sauce onto my hand [unfortunately, it doesn’t smell like caramel and you can’t eat it], but it’s a nice thought to have when doing your make-up, right? It’s best applied with a foundation brush, as the consistency is watery, but fingers are best to dab and set it. It’s not long lasting, but when it does start to fade throughout the day, it doesn’t leave any harsh lines or patches, it just kind of blends into the skin naturally. It feels really comfortable on the skin too and doesn’t look like you’re wearing any make-up [Oh, got to love the no make-up, make-up look].


[Wearing shade C2]





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