Christmas has come early!! Thank you, Glossybox.


The December Glossybox arrived on my doorstep yesterday evening. I let out an “OMG, yesssssssss!” when my boyfriend walked back into the living room, armed with a purple box. I was actually going to save it for Christmas day [something else to open and gush at], but I have no patience, and it’d be all over Facebook, Twitter and everyone else’s blogs anyway. My mum subscribed to it a couple of months ago. I only made her do this because we could do a playground swap, if we got different things in our boxes [which has always been the case]. Usually, she gets the better stuff, but this time around, I won.

Magic Touch – Whipped body cream
200ml – £15

I just used this after my two hour bath [weekend pampering and all]. I’ve used a few things from Ritual in the past. I love the soaps, especially the really sugary ones! I remember I went to one of the stores in London a couple of years ago, and they offered me a small cup of green tea when I was browsing and unsure what to get. Now THAT is great customer service! Even before using this product, I knew it would be amazing. It contains cherry blossom and rice milk, which make the cream super moisturising. It smells like cherries, and melts into the skin, without leaving it greasy. A full size 200ml bottle is £15, which is pretty high for a moisturiser, but well worth the money if you want to indulge.

Nail Lacquer – Shade: dark purple
14ml – £9.95

I’m very loyal to the Topshop nail varnishes, so, haven’t really experimented with many others lately. I’m a red nail varnish girl, so when I received a dark purple colour, I was in two minds whether to even bother trying it. The colour purple always reminds me of eating too many quality streets, or Dame Edna Everage’s wig. I gave it a try anyway, and even though it’s not ‘me’, the consistency is smooth and because it’s highly pigmented, only one layer was needed. I’ve never heard of the brand Seche before, but seeing as the nail varnish hasn’t chipped all day, I might see what red shades they have.

Hair Conditioning Whipped Cream
200ml – £14.79

This product is by far my favourite thing in this months box. Ok, picture yourself making a hot chocolate, and once it’s done, you get out a bottle of whipped cream from the cupboard and spray it all over the top of your chocolatey heaven. Now, that bottle is this product. It’s whipped cream! It smells like whipped cream, it sprays out the bottle like whipped cream [thick and swirly], it probably even taste like whipped cream [but don’t go that far]. It’s a leave in conditioner, so, you use it just after you’ve washed your hair. It does spray out quite quickly, so be careful! It contains wheat germ and casein proteins, which strengthens the hair and makes it super shiny! I’m actually a little bit in love with this. When I’ve used my 100ml sample, I’ll be buying the full 200ml version for £14.79 – an expensive bottle of whipped cream, but most definitely worth it.

I-Divine True – Eyes shadow Palette
12 x 1.1g – £7.99

I’m a brown eye shadow girl. I have blue eyes, so, brown tones accentuate my colour. There was a variety of rich pigmented colours, including a couple of browns and golds, which are stunning. I won’t use all of them, but it’s good to have a mixture, just in case I want to experiment. The palette is sleek and a perfect size for my handbag [which is always a bonus, because my bag is always FULL of make-up]. I used it earlier and the colour went on nice and smoothly, and even lasted quite a while. My mum got red lipstick from Sleek in her Glossybox. She said it was really creamy and the colour was stunning, so, I might have to either steal it off of her, or buy one myself.

What a complete and utter glosser. I never fake strawberry milkshake. Fruity lip gloss tube.
10ml – £3.49

I haven’t used lip gloss in about seven years. I went through a phase of wearing that really sticky FCUK one that tasted just like peppermint, but when the wind blew, your hair would stick to your mouth and… oh God, it made me feel ill. After that, I gave up on lip gloss and fell in love with lipstick. I like the packaging on this gloss, as it’s in your face, straight up “THIS IS LIP GLOSS”. It’s easy to apply too, as the round shaped tip slides over your lips with ease. It smells and tastes just like strawberry milkshake too. I can’t wear it without eating it all first – so I may as well just buy strawberry milkshake instead. Although not a lip gloss fan, it’s cute and does make my lips oh…so…soft.

BONUS Glossybox blusher – Glossy pink

I broke my Nars [orgasm] blusher a couple of days ago, so, thank you Glossybox for coming to my rescue! It’s not Nars, but it’s pretty damn good. The colour is perfect for my pale complexion, glides on smoothly and doesn’t look too matte [80s make-up style].

Overall, a lovely Christmas box.

Thank you, Glossybox!


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