Champneys – Mediterranean Bliss Shimmering Body Oil.

2012-07-24 15.39.33

If you want something a little luxurious in your life [without spending your entire wage], then this shimmering bottle of oil is the answer. A friend first bought me Champneys shimmering body oil for Christmas last year, but it didn’t last very long, as I used it pretty much every day [huge dollops in the bath, followed by a generous layer all over my body]. I purchased a new bottle as soon as I ran out, but paced myself a little more to make it last. I’ve had this 75ml bottle since March, and there is just under half left [I’ve done well].

The bottle looks beautiful in the bathroom. It shimmers in the sunlight, looks expensive and gets your guests asking “where did you get that gold bottle from?” and with my ” £10 from Boots” reply, they oooooo and oooooh. Now, if you’re not a fan of subtle shimmery stuff, then you’ll hate this with a passion. I usually hate glittery products, but this is an exception. If you don’t want oil on your skin, then I’d suggest tipping a bit into your bath, to soften everything up. If you don’t mind rubbing watery oil, with glittery, gold particles onto yourself, then massage onto damp skin and enjoy….. The consistency is quite runny, which I prefer, because it allows you to blend it around your body better. I’ve used a few other body oils, and some are too greasy and thick, but this is lighter and lets your skin breathe a bit more. It’s infused with jojoba and sesame oils, which moisturises and protects the skin from harsh, winter weather. This also makes your skin smell delicious. It;s not overpowering, just a subtle ‘mmmm, that’s nice’.

It’s a great product for both summer and winter. In the summer I use it over my legs, to give them an extra glow in the sunshine. In the winter, I use it in my two hour baths, to stop my skin from drying out, then I lather it on afterwards to condition it, and give my pale self a much needed ‘lift’.

Discover it here. Happy glowing!


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