Beauty Notes: Bobbi Brown – Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation


Bobbi Brown – Long Wear- Even Finish Foundation

When my mum asked me what foundation I wanted for Christmas [a stocking filler tradition of ours], without needing to think about it, I asked for the new Bobbi Brown Long Wear- Even Finish Foundation [shade: sand]. As you know, I’m obsessed with BB. I can’t walk into a department store without leaving with a little sleek black box. I was meant to buy this foundation when it came out a couple of months ago, but I had just bought the new YSL one, so, didn’t think it was wise to spend another £30 [with the fact that I should be saving for my wedding]. So, Christmas morning came, and I was over the moon to find this beautiful bottle in my pile of presents. I didn’t actually try it for a few days after the festivities [far too busy eating mince pies and drinking champagne], but when I did, I was a little bit disappointed….

I think I’m disappointed because I’m so used to wearing YSL  – Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation, which makes my skin glow, as if I’ve been on some sort of detox. This is quite matte, which I don’t usually go for. I suppose it has to be, seeing as it’s long lasting. Whenever Bobbi Brown has a new product, I have to have it. So, I think I let my brand obsession get in the way of my sensible decision making. It’s an oil-free formula, and although it doesn’t mask the skin, it kind of just sits on mine, rather than blending naturally. It does last 12 hours, which is fantastic for a foundation, as I haven’t found one with such great staying power. My skin can be quite dry, especially in the winter, so, an oil-free one isn’t really suitable for my needs. It does contain glycerin and shea butter to help moisturise, along with a gel base for a lightweight finish, but even so, it still feels quite matte and dry for my skin.

For somebody with oily skin, this foundation would be ideal and especially if they’re out all day and haven’t really got the time for those afternoon touch-ups. As for those with normal/dry skin, I wouldn’t recommend this. It’s my own fault, of course. I just wanted to add to my growing collection. I blame the champagne…



2 thoughts on “Beauty Notes: Bobbi Brown – Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation

    • You’re welcome! I just wish I loved the foundation more! It’s the only Bobbi Brown foundation that didn’t suit my skin type. The luminous moisturising one is my favourite BB product 🙂

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