Beauty Notes: Laura Mercier – Silk Creme Foundation

2012-07-24 15.59.58

Laura Mercier Silk Crème Foundation

My first repurchase of 2013 is the holy grail of foundations – Laura Mercier’s Silk Crème. I first purchased this last year, when I popped into House of Fraser for a ‘coffee’ and left with far too many sale items. The pretty sales assistant informed me that once I’ve used this foundation a few times, I’ll be hooked. Now, it’s quite odd, because at first I found this far too heavy and regretted buying it. I was close to taking it back because it wasn’t sheer enough. I stopped using it for a couple of months, but went back to it once a few of my other foundations had ran out, and was too poor to purchase new ones. I’m not sure why the sudden change of opinion, but I completely fell in love with it. It smells a bit like marzipan, so, even taking the lid off is pleasurable. The consistency is thick and creamy, but glides onto the skin and melts like butter. The coverage is full, so, if you have any blemishes, they’ll vanish before your very eyes, and you’ll be left with perfect, luminous skin – the kind of skin you dream about.

It’s infused with silk proteins, tea extracts and treated mica,which conditions the skin and gives it that dewy glow. It’s a winter favourite of mine, because it hydrates and protects the skin from freezing cold conditions, and harsh central heating. There are a variety of colours, but my perfect match is crème ivory [which is similar to Bobbi Brown’s sand shades]. I apply it with a foundation brush, because the product is quite thick, so, I find it glides on better with a little help from tools. I also love the packaging because it’s easy to travel around with. I worry about taking glass bottles with me, because I’m clumsy and end up either smashing them in my bag, or dropping them on the floor. I don’t have to stress about this one, because I can throw it across the room, and it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference. It’s £33, but thirty-three pound well spent. If Laura Mercier discontinues this product, I’ll be heart broken.


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