Primark – Velvet & Leather

I haven’t been to Primark for a while. I like to walk into a tidy shop and be able to browse, without stepping over a pile of unwanted shoes, being bashed in the knee by pushchairs and dodging a stampede of school girls. The last time I was in there, a lady tutted at me for picking out the last size 8 [I was there first], and in a state of rage, wheeled her pushchair into me. Why not kindly ask me to see whether there are any more sizes hiding at the back of the rail, or, ask somebody that works there to check the stockroom? Some people. So, as you can see, Primark and I don’t really see eye to eye. We did, however, get along very well a couple of days ago when I went in on a whim and found an empty store, Lana Del Rey on repeat, and not a shoe out of place. Lately, I’ve been a little obsessed with Miranda Kerr’s wardrobe – leather trousers, sheer shirts, boyfriend blazers and high heeled court shoes.


And so, this is where Primark comes in handy:
Black velvet court shoes – £12
Wet look leather trousers £6 [sale item]

*Monday – 4:15pm is the best time for people who like an empty Primark.

Happy shopping!


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