Green tea & Granola



A few months ago, I used to make granola bars at least 3 times a week. I’d make the first batch with the intention that they’d last and I’d have my breakfast sorted for the week. The first batch would last about two hours, so, I’d make more the following day, and the same thing would happen again – gluttony. Thankfully, I don’t make my granola bars with butter or sugar, so, at least I avoided the 1,000,000 calories that normal granola bars contain. I use peanut butter and honey instead, which should still be consumed in moderation, but my healthy intentions made eating 13 granola bars in the space of 3 days more acceptable.

I stopped making them because the boyfriend would start complaining that all of the peanut butter had gone and his morning porridge didn’t taste the same [strawberry jam just wasn’t doing it for him]. I missed them dearly. Nothing beats a sticky granola bar with a cup of freshly brewed coffee for breakfast. Anyway, I was browsing food blogs the other day and someone made a fresh batch of bars, so, it inspired me to do the same. Surprisingly, this time, they lasted 48 hours.

I stole the recipe from The Good Food website. Enjoy and don’t eat them all at once.


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