It must be love, love, love.

???????????My love gave me flowers
???????????I wrote a letter to mine.

 My Facebook homepage has been riddled with negativity about Valentine’s Day, mainly detesting its commercialised bullshit and whimpering over the fact that they haven’t had flowers because they’re single, or, their partner had forgotten. Even when I have been single, I wouldn’t spoil it for everybody else with page long rants about how love is dead. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about showering your partner with kisses and teddy bears, it’s about showing love to all the people you love – mother, father, sister, brother…… dog.


2 thoughts on “It must be love, love, love.

  1. Such beautiful flowers! I spent my Vday alone this year, and no flowers for me, but It makes me happy to see the love going around the world. 🙂 Maybe it is silly, or commercial, but when I remember back how happy it made me, who cares? 😉

    • I used to avoid love, as I was always petrified of getting hurt. But sometimes you just have to give into it, especially when you meet that one person who you couldn’t breathe without 🙂

      Being single is equally as fun! You can buy yourself the flowers you like, the chocolates you love and send secret Valentine’s messages to more than one person 😉 haha xx

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