Beauty Notes: Topshop Lipstick in Rio Rio



Topshop Lipstick: Rio Rio – £8

“Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand. Just like that river twists across a dusty land…..” Bit of Duran Duran for you there. Oh, Rio lipstick, why are you so blood red, but once on my lips you appear a kind of coral colour? Maybe it’s my natural lip colour [bright pink], but whenever I use red lipstick, it seems to come out a lot lighter and pinker than it should. Hmmm…

I never usually buy Topshop make-up. I’m far too in love with Bobbi Brown and Nars, and end up buying everything I need in one single trip to Selfridges. But, I took a trip to Topshop last week [I say a trip, because lets face it, an entire day can be spent wandering around], and found myself rubbing on rainbows of colours, oooooohing and aaaahhhhing. Rio Rio caught my eye and I bought it without testing it [you shouldn’t really test lipsticks – all those mouth germs, urgh]. I don’t know what’s with me and red lipsticks. They look red, but come out dark pink on me. Maybe I’m immune to red….? Shade aside, the texture is really velvety and smooth and the colour lasts, even if you’re like me and constantly lick your lips. The new season make-up is out in stores/online. I’m liking the new Face Sculpting Palette – £12. It’s full of creamy pinks and bronzes. I want it.


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