Beauty Notes: Percy & Reed – Finishing Polish


Percy and Reed – Finishing Polish
£10 – 125ml

My fiancé went to the corner shop yesterday evening to buy pineapples. He came home with a banoffee pie and Glamour magazine [I’m quite sure the young lady who works in our local spa thinks he’s either gay or prone to gluttony]. Anyway, he walks in with his wide smile, throws the magazine at me and says “I got you the one with the finishing polish. They had shampoo & conditioner, but I thought you’d like this freebie.” – He knows me so well. Even though money is tight, I like the fact that he still surprises me with little thoughtful gifts. I think he does it to keep me quiet whilst the football on, but even so, it’s still sweet.

Right, Percy and Reed Finishing Polish. You just squirt a pea sized amount onto the palm of your hand, rub it together to warm the product, then apply evenly from root to tip and BOOM – lovely smelling, sleek, voluminous hair. It claims to add volume [I’ve used it twice and it does give it a bit more bounce], but my hair is pretty flat, so I never expect a miracle. Maybe I should start back combing it again? I remember when I was a kid, I’d always get my sister to back comb my hair, and then comb it all out. I love knots. Shame all that pulling gives you split ends.


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