Beauty Notes: Caudalie Premier Cru: The Eye Cream


Caudalie Premier Cru: The Eye Cream

If you haven’t heard of – you’re living under a rock. It was recommended to me last summer during my sample obsession phase, when all I would talk about was glossybox this and birchbox that. Ok, it’s not as exciting, but you do get 3 tiny samples and it gets posted in a cute cardboard envelope. The good thing is, it’s completely free [apart from the £1.50 it cost to send a text message to get your code], but, £1.50 is pocket change, right? You can only order once a month and there is a list of samples to choose from. Another great thing about latest in beauty is that there are also samples you can buy in smaller quantities, to save you spending £50 on a face cream – only to find that it brings you out in a rash.

I ordered Caudalie Eye Cream. I’ve never used eye cream. I suppose I always associate eye cream with age [eye wrinkles are my worst fear], but seeing as I’ll be 25 in a couple of months, it’s probably about time that I start saving my face. Thankfully, I eat healthy food and drink copious amounts of green tea, to try and reverse the signs, but lets face it – it happens to the best of us. I’ve been cooped up inside for God knows how long, writing my dissertation, counting my pennies to see if I can afford spontaneous trips to Starbucks and realising that £3 for a latte can buy me a weeks worth of bananas & eggs [for breakfast pancakes]. Being stuck inside is BAD for your skin. Lack of fresh air and the heating on full leaves it dry and grey. I’ve noticed that when I put concealer on, it kind of clumps up and looks a bit flaky [I am using a 2 year old mac select cover up…..] Hmm, but imagine never moisturising your face? My poor eyes are probably desperate for some.

So, Caudalie Eye Cream – I love it. It’s luxurious, hydrating, brightening and even corrects dark circles. It contains Resveratrol-Oleyl for lifting and firming, Viniferine for brightening, and antioxidant-rich grape-seed Polyphenols. My eyes feel instantly refreshed and awake after I apply this – it’s as if my skin drinks it up immediately. It’s ones of those beauty products [like primers] that once you use, you ask yourself why the hell you never used it before? Unfortunately, my sample ran out after about a week. I wonder where my next £50 will be going…..


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