Beauty Notes: Elizabeth Arden – Shimmer Cream Eye Shadow: Bronze Beauty




I’ve been meaning to buy Elizabeth Arden – Shimmer Cream Eye Shadow in shade: Bronze Beauty for AGES. I added it to my ‘desperately need to purchase – even before food’ list, but never got round to doing so. I was selling a few things on ebay and stumbled across it for £2.50 [with free delivery]. Why not? So, I bought it without even considering that it could be a fake. They had 100% good feedback though, so, that proved their loyalty.

I like this cream eye shadow because it’s thick and creamy, and a little bit goes a long way [so it’ll last forever]. It’s not too glittery either. I hate the ‘Abba’ look. I bought one from Bobbi Brown and it took forever to wipe away all of the shimmery particles. It glides on like a dream and doesn’t clump up, or fade away too quickly. Bronze beauty is the PERFECT shade . At first when I squeezed a bit out, it looked really dark, but once I rubbed it onto my hand, it faded into a beautiful golden brown. I’m quite lazy with eye shadow – especially powder ones that you have to apply with a brush. I’d much rather squeeze, rub, pat and be done. This eye shadow saves so much time and the colour pops, without looking too harsh or shiny. It’s subtle, matte and gives your eyes a natural hint of colour.


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