CK Creme Lipstick



There is something so romantic about a dark pink lip. It reminds me of a gallivanting around the park, on a warm, spring afternoon, blending in with the blossom trees and leaving lip marks on a lovers cheek.

“Pink, it was love at first sight…….”

 I was all about red for a while, but I think it’s a little too harsh for my face. I’m almost 25, but I still look 19 (ish). You’d think I would be thankful that I have an 6 extra years, but sometimes it’d be nice to look my age and feel sophisticated. I was doing my usual late night ebay browsing when I stumbled upon CK crème lipstick in shade  Eros. I’m always a bit apprehensive about buying make-up from ebay. I had a bad experience with a moisturiser once and it put me off. Always, always go with the 100% positive, top rated sellers! Seeing as the lipstick was only £3, I couldn’t resist. It was delivered the following afternoon and I’ve been in love with it ever since.The colour is perfect, the texture is soft and buttery and it glides on smoothly. It doesn’t last all day long, but to be honest, I’m glad it doesn’t, because it gives me an excuse to smother it on again and again and again….

Pink – Aerosmith


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