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An Afternoon At The Fishing Pool




We caught a carp!


A huge one!


Foot shot




An afternoon read


Relaxing in the sunshine [let the boys do all of the hard work]



Whenever the boy has an afternoon free and the sun is shining [once in a blue moon], we head to his fishing pool, armed with rucksacks, flasks of coffee, bottles of water, salad for us, and bread for the fish. The day usually consists of him sitting in a chair, holding onto a rod, whilst I sit on a blanket, surrounded by magazines, books and snapping anything Instagram worthy. I do occasionally get involved when the boy shouts “THE NET! GET THE NET!”, so I run over to wherever he’s thrown it and try my hardest to scoop the fish out of the pool [of course macho man ALWAYS catches ones that are heavier than me, so scooping is always an issue]. I do love these afternoons though. Everything is so still and peaceful. It’s a great way to escape the hustle and bustle, and just simply be for a while. 


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