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Elle Magazine & Rodial Brazilian Tan Freebie





As I’m writing this it’s pouring down with rain [think the final scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral]. Luckily, I’m inside, wrapped in a blanket and drinking coffee. Even though I’ve had this Elle magazine for a week, I’ve only just read it. Sometimes it’s better to save it for those rainy days when you’re home alone and can appreciate the simple things. To make this months issue that little bit special, they have thrown in a 58ml sample of Rodial Brazilian Tan. I bought a bottle of this once and stupidly bought the dark one. Hello, Dale Winton [thankfully, I got the light one]. I can’t praise this tan enough. It smells delicious, it applies perfectly [tinted gel] and develops over 4 hours and leaves me with a beautiful glow. I’m subscribed to Elle, so was guaranteed to get my hands on this. I might have to purchase another copy….. yet, I’m sure everybody else has had the same idea and have bought 10.


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