The Moment I Fell In Love With Lake Como

Lake Como is a place so intensely beautiful, where the bright sun burns like a scarlet fire in the sky, and the Y shaped lake stretches its legs, glistening all the way from Bellagio, to Menaggio to Varenna. It wasn’t just the appearance of Lake Como that I fell in lust with; it was the heart of it. I remember wandering around Grianate, a small village on the highland on the West side. The sun drenched the sky, burying the town in an amber hue – that ochre tinge that is only visible through a pair of tinted sunglasses. I sat myself down on a cobblestone step, outside the Santuario Della Madonna dele Grazie di San Martino – a quaint church that floats high on the mountain side. I had been walking for hours, so wanted to rest my feet and rehydrate my sun soaked skin. Along with the spectacular scenery of the lake, a display of colourful villas erected their historical elegance into my view. Grand symmetrical gardens enclosed these villas, filled with religious figurines and stone fountains that spurted out fresh water with each flowing pulse. And at that moment, life stood still and I finally realised how truly rewarding it is to simply live in the present.

2012-05-29 15.56.19

2012-05-29 15.49.48

2012-05-29 15.18.42

2012-05-29 15.44.27

2012-05-29 14.59.53

2012-05-29 14.13.46

2012-05-29 14.03.14

2012-05-29 14.01.35

2012-05-29 13.37.08

2012-05-29 14.04.17

2012-05-29 13.13.22

2012-05-29 12.26.04

2012-05-29 12.25.39


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