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Last Days of Summer

Yesterday morning, I woke up bright and early with the handsome man. Whilst he was in the shower, I made him his favourite – a huge bagel with peanut butter with two delicious fried eggs on top [bonus points for the wife]. I had another breakfast date with the granny, so whilst he devoured his plate of peanut buttery goodness, I jumped in the shower. Does anybody else have a weird shower routine, that feels so damn good?? [no, not that kind…..ahem]. When I’m up before the birds start singing, I like to drink my coffee in the shower [little sips here and there, in-between lathering myself up]. I like to stand there, cup in hand, daydreaming, or mentally preparing myself for the day ahead. I used to do this with my phone too [which I do not recommend]. I’d actually have conversations, but after a few minutes, the person would ask “what is that noise?” , and I’d casually reply “oh, I’m just in the shower…… ” Funnily enough, the only time I have drowned my phone was by dropping it in the toilet, or that candle-lit bath I had, where I purposely wrapped my phone in a towel to protect it. Unfortunately, I completely forgot that the phone was in the towel, so as I went to wrap myself in it, the phone flew out and dived into the bath. Epic fail.

Anyway, once my coffee cup was empty and my hair Herbal Essenced within an inch of its life, I got myself dressed and headed out into the morning sunshine, to meet the granny. I love this time of year where it’s still summer, but you can smell autumn – that crispness in the air that induces thoughts of pumpkin pie, hot chocolates and itchy woolly jumpers. I never talk about the summer in the winter, but in the summer, I always talk about how much I miss the winter [I’m all for the cold]. During my two minute walk to our meeting destination, I longed for The Christmas German Market, the classic songs full of ‘snow’ and ‘Santa Claus’, my newly found nutella hot chocolate recipe [marshmallows & cream galore], and warm, stodgy stollen on Christmas morning. I know, I know, it’s far too early to even think about those festive things, but for those 120 seconds, it felt nice to know that I have it all to look forward to.

After breakfast [a pot of tea and buttery toast], me and my 4’9 granny [people seriously shrink with age] decided to have a wander around the town. I couldn’t leave without buying a few things to make me smile, of course…


In keeping with my autumnal theme, I picked up a pretty gold leaf necklace, and a cute ring in a charity shop. I never used to like gold [a bit too ‘bling’ for my liking], but over the years, I have slowly come to fall in love with it.



Company Magazine – because I actually needed black eye-liner. The photographs were pretty too….


I am twenty-five years old and have never really worn sunscreen [I know, I know! AWFUL!]. I wear it in Italy and other hot places, but because I live in England, I never feel the need to wear it. But, when we had that heat wave last month, I wore it religiously. I got through 2 bottles of Garnier SPF 50. I’ve been researching sunscreen obsessively, and I cannot believe I have lived without it. Even during the coldest of winters, I’ll be lathering this all over my face every single day [this one gives you a beautiful golden glow too]. Plus, the sun is really ageing. I don’t want to look like a leathered old shoe by the time I’m 40.


My sisters friend stayed with her for a couple of months, and when she left, she gave my sister a pile of unwanted clothes. I popped round a few weeks ago for Sunday lunch and she let me rummage. A free grey, boyfriend blazer? Yes, please.


I’m obsessed with sheer shirts. Sheer shirts tucked into levi shorts, sheer shirts with leather leggings, sheer shirts to bed….. sheer this, sheer that. I found this in H&M for £15.  Well, I originally found it in a local store but they didn’t have my size [I HATE it when that happens]. A week later, we were driving back from Wales [a post to come on that], and we stopped off in Shrewsbury, as I had a ‘I need new clothes for my interview tomorrow’ panic attack. We skipped to H&M. Ten minutes later, I emerged with skinny cigarette trousers and this beauty.


What more can I say? I like fruit, especially when grapes and doughnut peaches are 2 for £1.50.

Oh, the joys of NOT living in London.


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