That rainy Saturday when I fell in love with outdoor markets, and a sheer shirt from a charity shop

On Saturday morning the rain cried down its sad droplets of tears. A part of me wanted to stay inside, hidden away from the gloom, watching old episodes of Nigella’s Christmas [guilty summer pleasure], and only moving from the sofa to make cups of tea. But, as the husband had to work until 3pm, I decided to venture out into the world, to avoid the boredom, maybe pick up some bread & butter pudding from that old bakery on the corner and to see if any of the quaint little charity shops held any secret treasures.

After wandering through the busy markets full of fresh fruit, faux leather bags, £1 bits and bobs, pet food, granny knickers,  and endless jars of sweets [oh my the sweets], with UB40 serenading the locals, I realised that this place is kind of stuck in the 90s, and I secretly love it.

“Red red wine, goes to my head……..” – I found myself singing along with Ali Campbell  and being transported back to 1994. I’m six years old, with a sugary doughnut in one hand, a teddy bear in the other and completely in awe with the delicious smells, the bright colours, the thumping music and that one scruffy old man [who resembled Santa Claus], informing the town that the melons are two for a pound. I’d always pull my mum into the indoor market, where a lady with huge breasts and red cheeks sold hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs. “Please, can we have a rabbit?” I’d say, half of my body in the stinky hutch, petting a grey, house rabbit the size of a small dog. The answer was always a firm “NO”, even with the puppy eyes and the “but I’ll clean the cage!”…… In the end, I’d spend my pocket money on a pick n mix and a copied Take That tape and skip away from the hustle and bustle, with a bag of cola bottles, feeling all giddy with excitement.

As the rain started falling, I waved goodbye to my childhood memories and hid inside a charity shop. It’s always the ones where you don’t expect to find anything, but end up finding something, something that puts a smile on your face for the rest of the day, maybe even the week. Hidden amongst a rail of sheer shirts was this little charm


A beautiful, sheer shirt from Warehouse [originally £45, but down to a fiver!]. Even if this wasn’t my size, I would have bought it, but luckily, it was my size [I love it when that happens!]


Oh, the joys of a good old bargain!

???????????And then as I was paying for my shirt, I discovered these in a little basket by the till for a pound each.



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