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Today I’m Wearing: TIGHTS! Autumn!!



Hat – Topshop: £25
Shirt – Warehouse (found in a charity shop: £5)
Leather shorts – H&M (£5: ebay)
Satchel -Primark: £7
Tights – Primark: £3

Chai tea lattes, several slices of pumpkin pie, itchy mustard coloured jumpers, Topshop oversize boyfriend coats, and crunchy obre leaves. Autumn: I adore it. Spicy hot drinks and layers aside, I love the fact that I don’t have to exfoliate/shave/tan my legs within an itch of their lives, as they’ll be nicely hidden underneath a pair of snug tights, for a good 6 months. Also, autumn means I can start wearing my camel coat again. I bought it from H&M in Amsterdam 2 years ago, and I just cannot part with it. I remember when I fell in love with it. It was a freezing cold November morning, and I was on my way to have breakfast at The Pancake Corner [a place where everything you could ever possibly think of comes in pancake form], and I saw the coat on a skinny mannequin in H&M, looking utterly beautiful. With my stomach rumbling and without my morning coffee fix, I marched inside, scoured the rails to find my size, had to ask for assistance as the size wasn’t there, ended up going two sizes bigger and then stood in a 30 minute queue – all for this camel coloured cutey. I eventually made it to The Pancake Corner, ravenous, but coat content.

So, yeah, I like Autumn.


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