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The elderly man who sat alone with his pot of Earl Grey…

Autumn and her unruly wind, power shower rain and soggy golden leaves, that attach themselves to your shoes and follow your every move, were all in full force on Tuesday morning, when I ventured into the city to meet my mum and granny for breakfast at the Victorian. It makes stepping into a warm cafe all that more satisfying, knowing that the heating will toast your toes, and a fresh cup of coffee awaits. It’s also comforting being surrounded by OAPs.  I know all they seem to do is moan, but it’s refreshing to hear people talking about real things, as opposed to the daily anecdotes I hear on a train, or in a Starbucks queue, such as – who added who on Facebook, who’s been tweeting who, poking, stalking, sending hate mail, hacking, shooting, you know, all that stuff that has invaded our thoughts on a daily basis?

I kept thinking about this whilst I was nibbling on my jam and cream scone. In-between bites, I noticed a timid old man sat alone on a table in front of me, pouring himself a cup of tea, perfectly content with the world. He had no newspaper to read, no mobile phone to obsessively check, and not even a person to talk to over breakfast. He was living in the present moment, enjoying his own company, sipping  Earl Grey, smiling and simply being. I want to be that man. He’s my new inspiration.






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