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TREK – My New Snacking Obsession


TREK – Peanut & Oat Wholefood Energy Bar
68g [239kcal] – contains no added sugar, is wheat and dairy free.
£1.55 – Holland & Barrett

Raw dates(38%), raw raisins(12%), oats, raw peanuts(12%), soya crispies(10%)(soya, tapioca starch, salt), peanut butter(7%)(peanuts, salt), apple juice, maize starch, ginkgo biloba extract, a hint of natural flavours.

I have a weird obsession for healthy snack bars. They’re perfect to eat instead of lunch, after lunch, if you’re feeling greedy, a pre-workout snack, a post-workout snack, a snack because you just fancy a snack and don’t want to consume 100000000 calories after munching on a chunky Kitkat, a midnight snack, a 2am snack……

I’ve been devouring the peanut butter Bounce Ball Bars but they’re on the small side, so are gone in two bites. Also, the peanut flavoured one contains whey protein, and since I keep away from dairy (too much of it is BAD for your skin), I’m not too keen on the idea of consuming whey. That’s why the TREK bar has stolen my heart, because it’s wheat and dairy free, it’s cheaper than a BOUNCE BALL, it’s bigger and taste incredible. I’ve popped into Holland & Barrett practically every day this week to buy one to eat before my workout. Give it another few days and I’ll become that ‘weird girl who has an unhealthy obsession for that healthy bar’. However, as delicious as they are, it’s probably worth making them myself, seeing as they’re £1.55, and I could make a batch of 12 for a fiver. Blend up a bunch of dates, oats, raisins, nuts, seeds, soya crispies, peanut butter, apple juice, and there you have bars to last you all week/weekend.


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