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??????????????????????*Kate Spade by nails inc (free with Glamour)
Apple & cinnamon candle (House of Fraser)

I’ve always had a thing for the colour red – red roses, red lipstick, red candles, red nail varnish, the red power ranger back in the 90s. There is just something so enticing and uplifting about it. And of course, red reminds me of Christmas – Santa Claus, glittery baubles, itchy hats, knee high socks, Rudolf’s nose, ribbon, wrapping paper, Starbucks cups, mulled wine, you know, anything remotely festive.

Lately, I’ve been wearing bright red nail varnish and lighting so many festive candles, my house looks like a church. I love this time of year. I get list obsessed and have just started writing a ‘THINGS WE NEED TO MAKE OUR CHRISTMAS LOOK AND FEEL LIKE A CHEESY AMERICAN XMAS MOVIE!’

So far, I’ve written:

Yankee Candles. Lots of Yankee Candles (mulled wine, cookies and cream, eggnog, gingerbread……)
A Gingerbread House (a huge one that I can start devouring on December 1st)
Stollen. Lots of stollen (the one with the marzipan)
Pretty lights (we’ll deal with the electricity bill in January)
Nutella, cream and marshmallows (ingredients to make the BEST hot chocolate in the world)
Gingerbread bread, mince pie, cookies, doughnut ingredients (to make us high on sugar and slightly fat)
A Spotify Christmas playlist (Cliff Richard galore)
Stockings with our names on (Robert & Sarah)
Next year we’ll knit one for the golden retriever puppy
Matching penguin jumpers (mine must be X large so the sleeves come down to my knees)
Matching pyjamas (preferably with snowmen on)
Mistletoe (for a good old smooch)
A 7ft real tree that smells like the wilderness
Snow spray (note to self: do not inhale)
Crafts (to make the people I love personal cards & notes)
Carrots (to leave out for the reindeer)

To be continued..


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