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Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market & Craft Fair

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Even after seven years of visiting the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas market, it still fills me with ridiculous amounts of childish joy. I’m sure you know the feeling – twinges of excitement at the mere sight of a Christmas tree, Santa Claus, and stacks and stacks of stollen? I was greeted by the scrumptious smell of spicy bratwurst, sweet crepes, and sticky doughnuts, along with classic songs, all sang with festive conviction by Mr Claus himself. We managed to find somewhere to stand amongst the cheerful crowds, armed with hot chocolate with rum for me, beer for him and two gigantic frankfurters for the both of us. Like a fat kid in a sweet shop, I kept pointing out all of the stalls that were selling stollen and pancakes –anything made with sugar. Before we knew it, the frankfurters had been devoured and we were picking out doughnuts to take home (we chose black forest, after eight, chocolate, cappuccino and strawberry – 5 for a fiver). I love the spirit of it more than anything. I enjoy seeing this pretty city all lit up, surrounded by families all wrapped up in hats and scarves, browsing through the craft market to buy new decorations for the tree, munching on gingerbread and singing along to ‘All I want for Christmas’. To save a bit of money, you could buy a festive drink from Costa, and have a stroll around with your warm red cup, taking photographs, and then stand amongst the crowds, watching Santa sing all of those heart warming songs that made your childhood special. I’m sure I’ll be partaking in the latter on a regular basis, over the next few weeks.

35 days until Christmas!!



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