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????????????????????????????????????????????SAMSUNG CSC??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Some days I miss home so much, I feel like packing all of my belongings into a suitcase and returning. It’d be like stepping back in time, returning to that one place where everything feels so incredibly safe and I’m loved unconditionally. Sometimes I just need to be surrounded by those people who mean the world to me, the ones who share the same memories, the ones who think, say and do all of things I feel, the ones who aren’t afraid to act silly because we all have the same sense of humour, and the ones who will always be there, no matter what.

I did exactly that yesterday afternoon. I was craving warm hugs, cups of tea, hours by the fire with Olly (the brown bear dog), watching endless cheesy films on the Christmas 24 channel, chatting to my mum whilst she knitted red hats and scarves (49 going on 79), reading her books about Paris & baking, and stealing chunks of stollen from the Christmas food box. Although I miss my childhood, I feel so grateful that my world was filled with all of these simple pleasures – ones that helped us really connect as a family. In today’s world, there are far too many distractions that isolate people. I’m thankful that my evenings were spent playing games with my siblings, helping in the kitchen, watching films together, and simply communicating. I know of so many families that never eat dinner together, text more than talk, waste hours on Facebook and are so preoccupied with technology, they seem to have lost touch with the real world. I miss those days when life was simple, slower and in order to talk to somebody, the only way to do so was to actually hear the sound of their voice.


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