The plan was to put the Christmas tree up, but I finally got a Netflix account…

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It’s been one of those incredibly lazy weekends. You know the ones where you’re surrounded by empty cups of coffee, flapjack wrappers, crumbs, and the only time you actually move is to put the kettle on again, or go to the toilet? I did, however, manage to squeeze in a 40 minute Insanity cardio, but after a shower, a protein shake and a quick tidy up, I climbed right back into my nest and haven’t moved since.

The plan was to put a bit of Cliff Richard on and decorate the tree, wearing matching Santa Claus jumpers, drinking nutella hot chocolates and turning everything into a winter wonderland (think Home Alone). But, it’s almost 6pm on Sunday evening and the tree is still at some garden centre, the lights are all tangled up, the jumpers are in the wash and there hasn’t been an awful rendition of Mistletoe & Wine.  Of course, I blame Netflix (I’m a bit late jumping on the Netflixing bandwagon, but I decided to take advantage of the free month you’re allowed. I’m disappointed you can’t watch Grey’s Anatomy and Sex & The City – that’s another story though). Anyway, I watched Eat, Pray, Love, then I watched Chocolat (with chocolate and peanut butter on toast), then I watched Father of The Bride, then I watched part two, and then I looked at the time and realised that the entire day has gone, I’ve moulded to the sofa, and my diet has consisted of caffeine and carbs. I think I’ll make a green tea and eat a tin of tuna. Maybe I should light a cinnamon candle? That way, at least I’ll have made some sort of effort with the Christmas décor!


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