LUSH – FRESH FACE MASK: Brazened Honey

???????????I remember the first time I stepped foot into a LUSH store. It was a bitter cold December afternoon in 2006. I’d just swallowed the last chocolatey dregs of my Starbucks, and as I was about to dispose of the festive red cup, I was immediately tantalised by a smell – sweet, sickly scents of lavender, honey, peppermint, vanilla, gingerbread, all blended into one. I was lured into a warm, glittery, colourful and merry room full of bath bombs, soaps, face masks, lotions, and potions – a cauldron of all things chemical free for he and she. I remember sniffing everything on display, wondering how something could be so delicious, yet inedible? I filled my basket with honey soaps, mask of magnaminty, gingerbread bath bombs, chocolate bubble bar slices, scrubs, massage bars – everything. A scrumptious, three hour, candlelit, pampering evening followed, and the rest is history.

Before the Christmas rush hits all stores in the forthcoming weeks, I managed to grab a little tub of Brazened Honeya fresh face mask that you must store in your fridge for just 3 weeks. I always use this when I need to brighten up my complexion. It detoxifies the skin, and leaves it baby soft and radiant. It contains things like sage, juniper, eggs, honey, almond oil, lime juice, fresh fennel, ginger, parsley and coriander. If only I could eat it.


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