Pink Shimmer Kisses

?????????????????????????????????I don’t know what it is with me and blusher (and bronzer for that matter). A week after I buy a new one, it always, ALWAYS ends up in a pink, glittery heap on the floor. I’m sure you’ve all experienced that sheer panic ridden, ‘OMG, THERE GOES £25’ moment, when your precious NARS waves you a ‘goodbye’, as it plummets to its death. After losing my third Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, I vowed to never buy one again. I have, however, added one to my Christmas list. My boyfriend kind of looked at me with that ‘really, are you being serious?’ face, but he still clicked ‘BUY’ on the BB website, followed with a ‘if you drop it, it’s your own fault’.

So, since the third blusher death, I never spend more than £10. Recently, I’ve been using a £3 MUA one, and to be perfectly honest, it’s just as good as any of those pretty, sparkly ones you see in the Selfridges beauty hall. Plus, if it decides to commit suicide, I’ll only have to dig into my coffee fund to buy a new one.

A broken Nars blusher... :-(

Oh, the heart ache….


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