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Merry Christmas Eve


Christmas Eve has consisted of hot chocolates (you know those delicious ones made with nutella, marshmallows and cream?), finally lighting my gingerbread candle – the one that smells good enough to eat, wearing penguin socks and never wanting to take them off, watching those cheesy festive 90s films, that make me feel all warm inside, and devouring shortbread biscuits….

Usually on Christmas Eve, we spend it at my mum’s house for a little family gathering. But, we’ve opted for a cosy night in this year, curled up on the sofa, only moving to make hot toffee cider and poke at our presents. We’ll wake tomorrow morning when the birds start singing, open up our gifts, whilst watching Santa Claus: The Movie, eat a delicious festive breakfast and then head to his parents house, followed by my mum’s house, before finally returning to our place, to cook a scrumptious Christmas dinner.

Apparently, Santa Claus is bringing me a goody box from Bobbi Brown and the new YSL foundation. Excited.

Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful one.


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