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“Merry Christmas, Everyone…..”

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It’s official. I was completely and utterly spoilt this Christmas. I have, however, been incredibly good, so all well deserved, I must add. You know on Christmas day, when you’re surrounded by the ones you love (including the brown bear dog), with wrapping paper flying everywhere and excited gushes, do you ever feel like crying tears of joy,  because you’re just so incredibly lucky to have all of these wonderful people in your life? The highlight of the gift opening frenzy was the moment my grandmother opened up an envelope, informing her that she’ll be off to Paris next May. Her face was a picture. She adores travelling, so this present really meant the world to her. I should have taken a picture of this memorable moment, but I was so in awe of it, I forgot to grab the camera.

The handsome man and I woke on Christmas morning at around 8am – which was much later than our usual festive tradition (we didn’t go to bed until 3am, because we were far too busy eating crackers and cheese, drinking hot toffee cider and watching comedy). We put Santa Claus: The Movie on, drank coffee and opened our gifts (Bobbi Brown, YSL, MAC, leather trousers, leather jackets, workout gear, chunky boots with buckles galore), then, we had our traditional breakfast – bagels with cream cheese (dairy overload!!) and scrumptious salmon. We put on classic Christmas songs, got dressed and made ourselves look all pretty (I opted for a berry coloured bodycon dress and a cream fur coat, and he opted for a cosy penguin jumper). Once we were ready, we loaded the gifts into a hugggeeee Santa sack and headed to his dad’s house, to exchange gifts and devour mince pies. After an hour, we headed to my mum’s house, where we were greeted by a stampede of people. We all opened our gifts together, drank wine, hugged, kissed, thanked one another, and watched films. We waved goodbye and headed home on the evening, so we could cook our own Christmas dinner (beautiful beef, roasted vegetables, cranberry sauce – you know, the usual delicious things piled up on a plate). Afterwards, we had Christmas pudding with thick cream, a few roses chocolates and then ended the night in our new pyjamas, penguin socks and drank copious amounts of green & lemon tea to relax the digestive system.

All in all, a wonderful Christmas.


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