I love new: A new day, a new diary, a new book, a new tub of thick coconut moisturiser
and a new jar of crunchy peanut butter. I even like the way the word new sounds, “Neeeeeeeewwwwww….” Do you ever repeat words over and over again, so they end up sounding really strange? The more you say them, the quicker they lose their meaning, so they end up becoming just an odd sound. “Newwwwww, newwwww, newwwwww….”

Anyway, I especially like new (writing it feels odd now) things when I purchase them in the SALE (a £45 skirt, down to £13?) *excited squeal*Like most women I know, we constantly have to justify what we spend, why we’re spending, asking ourselves if it’ll be an important wardrobe investment, and we tell our significant other that it was “only a tenner”, when it was actually double that. This time, there is no justifying. This is my third leather skirt, that is my two-hundredth sheer shirt and those are my four-thousandth pair of black ankle boots. I don’t need them, I just fell in love with them.


Oh, and in other news, I have a new job – a marketing/social media graduate internship. 2014 is looking somewhat fabulous.


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