Happy Birthday, Kate Moss

She's a Classic | via Facebook

I'll be king and you'll be queen | via Tumblr

Kate Moss

The girl in the dirty shirt | via Tumblr


models | via Tumblr


Untitled | via Tumblr


☪goutte de la lune☪ | via Tumblr

Kate moss for play boy



Year in Review: The Most Memorable Moments in Fashion 2013 - theFashionSpot

woww | via Tumblr

Kate moss glamour


kate moss | Tumblr

(24) Tumblr

| Oh La La...........


The Face July 1990 | The Daisy Age | Corinne Day

I feel like I become somebody else when I do the pictures. I don`t like doing pictures as myself. I like to be made into somebody different.-Kate Moss

“I would have wanted to be a rock star, a lead singer, if I wasn’t a model. I’d go touring in a bus with my band. In my next life, that’s the plan.” – Kate Moss

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