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Flax, Fitness and Falling in Love With January..


I never used to like January. I would always miss waking up to a twinkling Christmas tree, drinking hot chocolate at 8am, without the guilt of consuming my daily calorie allowance in five minutes (extra cream?). I’d miss the German markets, the festive songs, the mistletoe and wine, and the delicious smell of gingerbread and pine. Yet, January has been wonderful to me so far, and I think I’m enjoying it a little more than December. I love waking up to a healthy breakfast – full of flax seeds and goji berries, overdosing on green tea, then using the leaves as a face scrub (it works, honestly!). I’ve nearly completed my third week of P90X3. Even though I miss my hour long workouts with P90X & P90X2, and those crazy Insanity cardio workouts, I like the fact that I can feel as exhausted, if not more, in 30 minutes. A few people I know have slated these workouts, saying that they’re ‘just a quick fix to get fit’, but I don’t think these people realise that being healthy is a way of life, and you should try and eat clean everyday, and continue the workouts after the 90 days are over. After the first time I completed P90X, I did it all over again, then I mixed things up and incorporated Insanity, then I did X2, then I did my own thing for a couple of months, then I went back to P90X. I was constantly doing something, mixing up the workouts, adding my own, to challenge my body. I’m not utterly ripped with a 6 pac, but I don’t exercise to get results like that. I do it to feel strong, healthy, focused and fit. Don’t get me wrong, I have the odd slice of cake every now and then (I took a week off at Christmas to relax and indulge a little lot), but, like every person out there who feeds their body with goodness, you do feel incredible for doing so.  Anyway, I don’t want to preach, but seriously, if fitness is something you want to get into this January, go for it. There is no such thing as a ‘quick fix’, it takes months to see real results, but it really is worth it. I’ve fallen in love with Eddie Mitsou’s blog over on Freshnet. She’s a vegan model living in New York and eats the most delicious food. If you need inspiration, spend a couple of hours reading her posts. I guarantee your dinner plate will be as colourful as a rainbow.

January has also given me a new job, therefore, our plans to move out and start a fresh will soon be a reality. As I’ll be based in two different locations, we needed to find an apartment/house somewhere right in the middle. I spent all afternoon browsing rightmove, phoning estate agencies, but most places had already gone. However, we’re viewing a two bedroom apartment tomorrow morning. It’s in a beautiful church conversion with two floors, and in a perfect location (close to the city, but surrounded by green), so fingers crossed we fall in love with it and can move in this time next month. I’m quite impatient when it comes to apartment viewing. This time round, we need to make sure we’re making the right choices and sign a 6 month contract instead. Of course, there is always the option of staying with his mum a little longer, but I’m bored of feeling comfortable, you know? As insane as it sounds, I miss bills. I miss walking into my own apartment after work and picking up a letter from Scottish Power, knowing that it’s my responsibility to pay, using my money that I worked hard to get. I’m sure any other twenty-five year old woman, who’s been engaged for almost two years, will understand where I’m coming from. There’s nothing more satisfying than having your own space with your husband to be, and being able to pay for your own rent, food shopping, gas & electricity, council tax, TV license, house insurance, phone/internet/TV, water….. Oh, and most importantly, Netflix. I’ve been stealing my sister’s account for quite some time, and I’m pretty sure she is annoyed with her home page being full of Modern Family, Meg Ryan films and War Documentaries.


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