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Rainy Weekend Mornings, Apartment Viewing and Free Coffee Re-Fills













Usually, our Saturday mornings are somewhat lazy, consisting of a lie-in, breakfast in bed, and a few more hours wrapped up in a blanket, reading magazines, watching Nigella bake chocolate cake and browsing beautiful New York blogs. However, I purposely arranged an early morning apartment viewing – giving us a reason to wake with the singing birds, get some much needed fresh air, and have someone else make breakfast for us. We left the warmth and headed out into the 9am rain, and my goodness was it pouring. It was the kind of rain you appreciate when you’re inside, watching it fall from your bedroom window, or, listening to it beating on the roof, as you fall asleep. As loud as rain can be, it also brings the quiet.  There wasn’t a soul in sight, as we drove through the downpour. The world was far too busy sleeping, drinking their morning cup of coffee, or watching droplets of rain form those perfect puddles to pounce into. Even though we share this earth with billions of people, sometimes a moment arrives where it feels like you’re the only one alive. Everything is so still, calm and peaceful. I treasure them.

This will be the third time I’ve done the whole ‘moving out’ thing, so, I understand that it’s important to look around, view various places, contact agencies, and keep your options open (because they’ll always be something cheaper and better our there). However, I think I may have fallen in love. It happened a couple of years ago when we viewed our first apartment. I walked in and immediately felt that lovely warm feeling inside. I made a mental note of where my Vogue magazines would go, where I’d hang my fringe bags, the walls I’d cover with art,  and the random drawer in the kitchen that’d have everything inside – bank statements,  a shoe lace, £3.40 in 10 pences, a broken hand mirror, receipts, a whistle, a pencil sharpener, a bent fork, a scraggy tea towel, an old school photograph, shopping lists, and buttons, lots of buttons. As I made my way around the quaint two bedroom, two storey apartment, I couldn’t help but smile, because 1) it has a bath, and I’ve lived in shower only apartments. A bath is a luxury, 2) there are TWO bedrooms. One for the clothes and the other for the bed, 3) there will be an easy commute to work, and 4) there is a dishwasher. No explanation needed. It was slightly on the small side and it doesn’t have a garden, but to be perfectly honest, it’ll be easier to clean, and I can count on my right hand how many times we actually used our old garden. Of course, we’ll have a good think about it over the weekend, sort finances out and arrange another viewing, but on the whole, I adored it. It is a church conversion, so, of course, I’ve thought about the concept of it being haunted, but I always go with my instincts, and although it was freezing cold inside (no heating on/middle of winter), It felt calm and inviting. Fingers crossed somebody doesn’t steal it in the next 48 hours.

Afterwards, we went for coffee (free refills – very New York) & pancakes, and discussed what life would be like with our own place again.

“We could come here for breakfast every Sunday!”
“We can go to Ikea and get those cosy fur rugs!”
“We don’t have to wash up. The dishwasher can do it!”
“We can do Insanity and not worry about downstairs hearing us banging around with great force!”




My third re-fill. Wired.

Oh, and I’m wearing everything from H&M today, because I have an unhealthy obsession with all things sheer and leather, for a reasonable price.


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