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Leather, Espresso and Change…



Ever watch a film and then ask yourself how and why you’ve lived almost twenty-six years without it? Two words: Annie Hall. I’ve fallen in love with Diane Keaton all over again. Of course, I adored her in Baby Boom (didn’t we all?), but, blimey, she was a doll back in the 70s.

In other news, you know that beautiful apartment I’ve been rambling on about in recent posts? Well, it’s ours. After we viewed it on Saturday, it’s all we’ve been talking about. So, we arranged another viewing for this Friday – hoping that nobody else would go and visit it (which almost never happens). However, the estate agent called, to let us know that someone else had arranged to view it. Now, it could have been a selling gimmick, but we went into panic mode – rushing around the place, exchanging ‘what shall we do?’ texts and ‘I’ll cry if it goes’ phone-calls, so, we called up the following morning and told them that we wanted it. A £100 holding charge and plenty of girly squeals later,the little, two storey apartment with the church windows, power shower and dishwasher is ours.

It’s amazing how life can change so quickly. A few months ago, I was jobless, throwing my belongings into boxes and waving goodbye to my home, along with those two ginger cats who would appear at the French doors, as I was brewing my morning coffee. We’re only a few weeks into January, but already, I have a new job and a beautiful new place to call ‘home’. I suppose I put too much pressure on myself. After graduating, I assumed I’d fall into a job straight away and life would continue on. To be honest, I’m quite glad that something didn’t just fall into my lap, because it made me work harder, and now I get to work somewhere that I have a  genuine interest in – a place with more opportunity to learn and progress. Also, I like the idea of changing lives and helping kids explore their passions. In my new role, I’ll be helping to raise awareness of a new fantastic science and engineering college,  for 14-19 year olds, through social media. When I was a kid, I would have loved to have been given the chance to leave my current school, start a fresh and work on amazing projects with talented people. It’s my mission to get kids to open their eyes and realise that their dreams of becoming a scientist is simply an application away. People wonder why kids in secondary school get so tired and bored in classrooms (yes, eating a cadburys crème egg for breakfast, going to bed at 2am and hormones flying around the place doesn’t help), but they need stimulation. Sitting on an uncomfortable wooden chair, being pointed at, and consistently told they’re doing wrong is soul destroying. They need to get stuck into projects, create things, build things,you know, all that stuff we did at primary school? In fact, how happy were we in primary school!? Maybe if that element of fun, and being able to freely explore your imagination was implemented into secondary school, it might be a better, less stressed place to be?

Oh, and I’m currently obsessed with leather skirts and espresso (with the odd chunk of dark chocolate).


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