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“Why is everyone struggling in New York? Why don’t we all just move here and start the revolution?” – Hannah Horvath


It’s beautiful outside – the kind of beauty that inspires you to take a sunbath, to sing with the birds, to chat to some stranger on the bus, to strut around the city listening to 80s classic rock annoyingly loud on your ipod, and to buy a ridiculously overpriced superfood juice from FUEL, so that your vitamin D deficient body thanks you for a little ray of sunshine. I was contemplating all of the above, until I downloaded the first few new episodes of Girls, and well, it was game over. I remained in my nest for a couple of hours with a cup of coffee, an empty plate of pancakes and turned into ultimate hermit. I actually cannot believe I only started watching it last Friday. In 4 short days, I have devoured 2 seasons. This has made me realise that 1) I have far too much time on my hands 2) why the hell haven’t I watched this show sooner? And 3) I have the biggest girl crush on Jemima Kirke.

Now that I’ve watched every single episode, I’m having those ‘erm, ok, now what am I going to do with myself?’ thoughts, you know, the ‘I should have paced myself’ regrets that we all go through after watching something so completely and utterly incredible? The thing I like about this show is that it’s real life. Nothing is sugar coated. They’re not these perfect actresses, who care more about their lipstick than their lines. They have imperfections, they run around with their pink nipples showing, their curvy thighs jumping around the place, and they talk about stuff – real stuff that goes through a twenty-something year olds head (relationship issues with weird people, not having jobs, having jobs you hate, not knowing what you want, but feeling like you really should know at the age of twenty-five, having to ask your parents for money because you can’t afford toilet roll, etc…). I adore it.

Anyway, now that I have to wait a week to see the next episode, I’m eating a huge sweet potato for lunch and reading a copy of Vogue that I forgot to read. After that, I might re-watch season one again, because it’s  just too good.

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