This Sunday has consisted of: leather skirts, fringe, peach pancakes, blueberries, flowers and lots of green tea. I’ve been drinking far too many cups of coffee before work, so, this weekend I’ve gone herbal. Oh, and I’ve started taking Kalms. Has anybody else taken these? They’re incredible. Ironically, I feel exactly that. I can get quite anxious (too much coffee, perhaps?), so it’s lovely to feel relaxed for once. Nothing is bothering me and it feels beautiful.

I made the most of this lazy weekend, because this time next week I’ll be awake when the birds start singing, packing my belongings into boxes. WE’RE FINALLY MOVING INTO THE CHURCH CONVERSION APARTMENT!!

1013510_723430911024266_1737737401_n1722922_723431817690842_1974567137_nI’ll take (better) photographs next weekend.
Power shower = happy mornings!

I’m also glad that I’ll be able to turn my pinterest inspiration boards into a reality. I’m thinking fur rugs, vintage suitcases, vinyl record players, old New York photography and candles, lots of candles.


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