Fridays Are For:

SAMSUNG CSC603585_761455917221765_13159149_n

Fridays are for:

waking up at 6am, knowing that this time tomorrow I’ll be sleeping and dreaming and snoring
finishing work at 2:45pm.
strolling around in the afternoon sunshine and trying on colourful clothes – perfect for spring/summer.
buying packets of (half price) Costa Roast & Ground Coffee to brew over the weekend.
opening said coffee and brewing it as soon as I get home.
eating a chocolate Lindt bunny a week early and not feeling guilty.
watching Keeping up with the Kardashians until my hearts’ content.
watching GIRLS until my hearts’ content.
watching Greys Anatomy until my hearts’ content.

The husband is away on a camping stag weekend. This means I do NOT have to watch hours and hours of football, I can clean the flat and it’ll stay clean and I can watch classic Meg Ryan films morning, noon and night. The last time we spent a night apart was just under a year ago. Even though it was lovely to have a double bed all to myself, it was far too quiet and I felt like I was missing an arm and a leg. We’re ridiculously in love – the kind of cheesy Notebook love, you know, with all that passion, anger, laughter, silliness, frustration and intensity? He’s not just my soul mate; he’s my best friend and the older, ginger version of myself. I believe that you should spend time apart and do your own thing, but when the one person you share your world with is everything and everyone you’d ever want and need in life, it’s tough to peel yourself away from the little ‘bubble’ you create.

I think I’ll brew some coffee.


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